Sunny Side Renewable Energy Services


There are many renewable energy projects in the Gulf countries. Because of many advantages and fighting with global climate change, many Gulf countries, as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, choose renewable energy.


The use of renewable energies is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, especially in Europe. The reason for this popularity is the necessity of a global struggle against climate change. Global warming has already increased the average temperature around the world by 0.9 degrees, and it is known that millions of people will be affected by a temperature of 1.5 degrees.


In this struggle against global climate change, Gulf countries started to make serious strides. In Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, many policies have begun to emerge that support energy transformation. There are solar energy and wind power projects completed in the Middle East. INTEC completed the 15 MW Al Kharj project at the beginning of autumn 2019 and the Al Jauf project at 102 MW at the beginning of November 2019.