Sunny Side Renewable Energy Services


In a remarkable development, #SunnySide, a pioneer in raising #Green #Energy #Investments and #Distributed Energy projects, has added yet another feather to its cap. The company has partnered with Express Heavy Equipment, a renowned Genset manufacturer with 17 years of operation in #Dubai. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies' journeys towards expanding their reach and making a positive impact in  hybrid projects. With a substantial investment infusion, this partnership sets the stage for a promising future. SunnySide and Express Heavy Equipment aim to extend their client base across Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Island nations.


Background on Express Heavy Equipment: Express Heavy Equipment stands tall as a leading manufacturer of #Diesel and #Gas based Gensets, equipped with an extensive repertoire of accomplishments and a coveted list of clients. The company has consistently demonstrated its expertise and reliability, catering to the power needs of renowned organizations such as #DEWA, #AbuDhabi Police, and #Etisalat. With a reputation built on exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology, Express Heavy Equipment has earned the trust of its clients, positioning itself as a sought-after player in the industry.


Partnership Details: The partnership between SunnySide and Express Heavy Equipment represents a significant leap forward in their respective endeavours. SunnySide, known for its prowess in securing investments for green energy initiatives, has raised a substantial sum as the first instalment of a total of US $30Million portfolio. This infusion of funds will primarily fuel the development of hybrid projects as well as Hydrogen Powered Gensets. SunnySide and Express Heavy Equipment aim to pave the way for innovative solutions that combine renewable energy sources with conventional power generation by pooling their resources and expertise.


Objectives of the Partnership: This strategic alliance holds several vital objectives for SunnySide and Express Heavy Equipment. Firstly, it provides a tremendous opportunity for both entities to expand their client base in untapped markets. With a focus on Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Island nations, the partnership aims to bring sustainable and reliable power solutions to regions where the impact matters more. Secondly, the collaboration opens doors for knowledge sharing and technological advancements, fostering mutual growth and a deeper understanding of hybrid power systems. By leveraging their combined expertise, SunnySide and Express Heavy Equipment can spearhead adopting greener and more efficient energy solutions globally.


Impact on the Green Energy Sector: The partnership between SunnySide and Express Heavy Equipment carries substantial implications for the green energy sector. The investment raised will facilitate the implementation of renewable energy projects, reducing dependency on #fossil #fuels and mitigating the adverse effects of #climate #change. As the world embraces #sustainable practices, this collaboration serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing the possibilities and potential of #hybrid power solutions. Moreover, it reinforces the growing demand for clean energy alternatives and sets a precedent for future investments in the sector.


Opportunities for Growth and Collaboration: The SunnySide-Express Heavy Equipment partnership not only promises a brighter future for the green energy sector but also presents exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration. By pooling their resources and expertise, the two companies can explore new avenues, innovate together, and push the boundaries of sustainable power generation. This partnership also holds great potential for job creation, economic development, and improved living standards in the targeted regions, as renewable energy projects pave the way for a greener and more prosperous future.


SunnySide's collaboration with Express Heavy Equipment marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards a greener and more sustainable world. The partnership, fuelled by significant investment, exemplifies both companies' commitment to expanding their reach and making a positive impact in hybrid projects. With their collective expertise and shared vision, SunnySide and Express Heavy Equipment are well-positioned to transform the energy landscape.