Sunny Side Renewable Energy Services


Sustainable agriculture is an issue that needs to be emphasized for the continuation of ecological life and continuity of access to healthy food. In addition to maintaining farm profitability, it is also important to minimize environmental damage. Of course, while doing all of this, energy needs to be sustainable, that is, uninterrupted.


To prevent such interruptions, fuel types such as kerosene, diesel oil, and propane are used in generators used in agricultural fields. Although these systems come into play when the mains power is cut, they provide energy continuity, but they have some disadvantages:


  • Transportation of fuel to a difficult area and the extra cost of this,
  • The sound and smoke of the generators disturb the farm animals,
  • Fuel costs and the resulting waste damages the chemistry of the soil,
  • Diesel generators require maintenance and mechanical systems sometimes fail and need spare parts and so on.


At this point, it becomes important to examine the question of how renewable energies can be used for sustainability in rural and agricultural areas. As INTEC Energy Solutions, we will focus on the advantages and application types of solar energy systems.