Sunny Side Renewable Energy Services


Gasification allows the worth of our coal resources to be unleashed in an exceedingly non-combustible means, thereby averting emission of toxic gases otherwise embedded in coal at the purpose of combustion. These projects will produce products like methanol, DME, ammonia and nitrate that are building blocks for the energy and chemical industries. With a bold energy transition towards renewables already underway in electricity sector, our vast coal resources can now be diverted to non-combustion indust.


Two years back, CIL included gasification as a serious component of its diversification agenda, others being solar manufacturing and aluminum. Since then, it's already sought bids under BOO for 3 gasification projects, while two more are on the anvil, adding up to use of 10 million tonnes of coal once a year. The envisaged gasification products may be used as fuel and feedstock in downstream industries.