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The world is searching for new renewable energy sources to meet the growing energy demand worldwide. Apart from solar energy, experts are now moving toward green hydropower to meet the global market energy requirement. This method produces energy using renewably generated electricity by splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The best thing about green hydrogen power is that it will contribute to mitigating climate change and therefore is one of the most accelerating global energy transition steps in the energy sector. For this transition, it is necessary to supply the energy generated to the consumer region.


Green Hydrogen power and the Middle East countries


Middle East countries are not only working on water security measures, but they are also taking a step ahead to harness new sources of renewable energy sources. Green hydrogen power is the Middle Eastern countries' next big step. Governments are working to invest in renewable energy and make other countries and their people aware of clean energy sources. In the Middle East, UAE and Saudi Arabia will be adapters of green hydrogen powers.


Beginning with 2021, a new wave to go for green is initiated in the Middle East. Earlier, these countries were largely dependent upon thermal energy. But gradually, they are heading towards using green hydropower, which will bring a significant energy transition in history. Middle East countries are bestowed with good geographical locations that help them to harness maximum solar and wind energy. Looking into such an advantageous position, many countries like the US, China and others are looking ahead towards the East for their energy requirements.


What changes will Green Hydrogen Bring?


Green Hydrogen will undoubtedly bring a great energy transition in the coming years to the Middle East countries and the rest part of the world gradually. Apart from this, we will have many advantages also.


Hydrogen will help in decarbonization.


Hydrogen, when used in energy generation, has zero emissions. It is becoming an essential part of the global transition to sustainable energy solution. Using green hydrogen energy is beneficial for industrial concerns as it reduces carbonization.


Changes in the global structure


Today many countries rely on other countries to meet their energy demand. When Green hydrogen energy is used, it will require many political and geographical changes. Export and import of fossil fuels will also be affected. So, this needs discussing between countries. Signing alliances and agreements and borrowing new technologies will be some nations' moves.


Energy transactions will require teamwork.


When a new technology is used for power, it shapes up the entire market, whether it is industrial or others. Strong belief support and partnership with the rest of every community and country are needed. So, an energy transition requires the involvement of all.


Innovative and investment steps by Middle East countries


Middle East countries have already taken initiatives for clean and renewable energy. Solar Energy investments in Dubai and creative roundup have been started, and some of them are:


  • 1. UAE has committed to double in clean energy. It has planned to invest an additional $160 billion in clean and renewable energy.
  • 2. The plan has been executed to advance the NEOM Hydro plant further. Previously green hydrogen-based ammonia production was announced. After 2025, it can produce 650 tons of hydrogen per day.
  • 3. European Commission has further invested $1.8 billion to promote and develop clean energy projects. Green hydrogen and waste to green hydrogen projects will be covered in this investment.
  • 4. In Europe, the cost of Green Hydrogen comes below LNG. It states that it has become cheaper than gas in Europe, and the country is exploring new energy security options.


To sum up, it can be said that slowly the Middle East countries are heading towards a new power source, and it will be more environmentally friendly and affordable.