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Today world is facing critical issues connected to the environment. One of the issues which have been discussed over decades is Climate change. Climate change affects not only the economies but also the lives of people. Every day we hear about changes in weather patterns, the rise of sea level and extreme weather events. All these are the worst outcome of climate change. Governments of countries and experts are coming up with new reforms and initiatives to tackle climate change. Still, the initiatives are very small to change human practices. If urgent and strong action is not taken, the consequences will be destructive.


Climate change will be disastrous if the temperature continues to rise in a way that is unexpected and uncontrollable. The world must prepare for the worst conditions if the climate is not controlled. History has enough proof to depict that climate change has brought many changes. Several empires became extinct from the world map due to natural disasters and history. The worst thing about the climate change issue is that it affects the weather conditions and the economy. It has brought many financial crises, calamities, nuclear war and outbreaks of new diseases. It is reported that average annual temperatures of 29 degrees affect about 30 million people in the Sahara and Gulf Coast. It is forecasted that by 2070, the temperature and social and political results will affect the major nuclear powers and laboratories. The disaster is knocked out at every point in time. One of the intergovernmental panels says that if there is an increase in carbon dioxide in climate due to industrial level, there is a chance that temperature will rise to the worst condition of 4.5 degrees.


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Climate change: A major threat


Each day, researchers, scientists and experts are coming up with the possible outcome of climate change that will influence the living and the economy of the world. Still, many areas can affect humans, which we are unaware of. Some of the areas that are influenced by climate change are:


The rise in temperatures is a major threat to the global food supply. Due to climate change, the major food-producing areas are badly affected. Agriculture areas have shown slow production leading to deficiencies in the food supply. Heat waves and droughts have led to "breadbasket failures".


Climate change brings extreme weather conditions. The severe weather conditions make the lives of wildlife and people miserable. Disturbance in the habitat brings animals in dangerous contact with humans.


The other threat is related to interacting threats between various nations. Climate breakdown can bring inequality between the nation and threaten the democracy of countries. This will result in the breakdown of economies, wars and technological destruction. It is also seen that various experiments and launches release large amounts of carbon and other gases. These emissions are also one of the reasons for climate change effects.


At this point, humans have to understand that earth is also fragile. Unless we understand how the universe functions, it will be difficult to get the right path for minimizing the effects of climate change. There is a need to understand how climate changes and how it will be going to affect humans in future. There can be extreme outcomes if interdisciplinary actions are not taken. Urgent and accelerated actions are to be taken with equal participation of countries to solve the issue of climate change.